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About Us

What is The Proto City?

The Proto City is a platform founded in 2012 by seven students from the Research Master’s in Urban Studies at the University of Amsterdam. We established a blog because we felt the need to express our thoughts on urban phenomena outside the narrow focus of the academic world and to follow our interests that do not fit into an academic research schedule. We are crossing disciplinary borders, from geography to urban planning and urban design to sociology. All of these fields (and more) are covered by our editors and by our growing number of guest authors. Our blog is meant to be a platform for young and experienced academics, practitioners, students, and urban enthusiasts to share their ideas with our global readership.

How to Contribute?

Were you travelling to an exciting city, observed an urban phenomenon, or just simply want to share your most recent research with a wide audience? Contact us! The Proto City is always open for suggestions and proposals for anyone what wants to follow their own fascinations!

Anyone interested in sending a proposal or an idea or even just has a question regarding the process can send a mail to info@theprotocity.com and we will forward your idea to one of our Editors, who will guide you through setting up your post and publishing it. The whole process is easier than you think and your work and your ideas will be accessible online.

We, the editors, are looking forward to your contribution! Take advantage of easily reaching out to a wide range of readers to share the results of your research and your ideas and contribute to the world of urban studies through our platform!